Chooper violently impact ground after an engine failure

What happens in this video ?

This small helicopter suffers an engine failure, hits the ground very hard, and breaks apart. The rate of descent is high and the pilot manages to use the stored rotor energy to flare before impact, which saves his life.


Port Dover

was doing an autorotation after an engine failure ( but not a very good one ) Definetely too fast which caused his rate of decent to be higher than it should have been and he flared way too late. It is totally pilot error
18th January, 2011
Gordonsville, Va

What type of manuver was this "pilot" trying to accomplish? Looked like a "RTT" Return To Target, modified split S like I used to do in AH-1's. This is a far too low powered helicopter for that, as this pilot just found out!
5th August, 2007