China Airlines Flight 120 - Boeing 737 burst in flames at the gate

What happens in this video ?

Okinawa Airport, Japan, August 20th 2007 – Soon after this China Airlines Boeing 737-800 arrived at the gate, a fire erupted. Passengers are immediately evacuated. The last passenger had just jumped onto the tarmac when the plane exploded.
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1:43: That’s when the tail of the plane gave up on life. [Look at the cockpit during the video and you can see the pilots climbing out just as the plane spontaneously combusts.
6th January, 2021

Look at all the black shit coming out of the windows, but ONLY the windows over the wing. People always like a seat near the wing, but they wouldnt if they knew that the wings are just glorified fuel tanks that are always the first to go.
17th November, 2010

Did not see the firefighters - where were they?
8th September, 2010
Worst safety record in history.Got better the last few but still, almost a fatal incident every 2 years
15th July, 2009

Everyone wishes the thing that doesn't include every damaged thing that it wants you to do a safe, happy air travel.
5th March, 2009
Nam Hai Pham

I think that the fire fighter in the airport have very low reaction and not professional .If the fire fighter would come earlier the aircraft was not ruined like that.
15th February, 2008

excellent job by the flight crew /cabin crew in evacuation of the passengers , thumps up for the person who has taken the pics and the video
22nd September, 2007