Airbus A300 cargo hit by a missile after takeoff

What happens in this video ?

On November 22th, 2003, this Airbus A300-B4 freighter was impacted by a surface-to-air missile shortly after takeoff from the Baghdad International Airport (Irak). The left wing is damaged and all the three hydraulic circuits are lost. The crew eventually managed to land the plane by adjusting thrust on each engine. There is no serious injury among the 3 crew members.
The video has been captured by Iraqi troops. They claimed to have fired the missile that impacted the plane.
For more data about this crash, click on this link: DHL crash in Irak (2003).



ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh und was ist das Flugzeug von der Rakete getroffen worden
4th February, 2011
of course it's real, it was on air crash investigation on NATGeo TV...great job done by the pilots!
20th August, 2009
Faudy Hamka

I think that was fake, but i think iraqi is not like what do you think, maybe the bad iraqi do it
1st March, 2009

no accident about this.the footage came from a fucking terrorist who thought he was shooting down a passenger jet.
22nd August, 2008

this is real. it was a DHL plane that was accidentaly hit by an army missile. end of story
21st May, 2008
Chris P (15)

contd from below... and who dies? i think we should get any terrorist we find and stick em on a plane, and fly it remotley in to the ground, give em a taste of their own medicine.
11th March, 2008
Chris P (15)

What the hell is the point? what were those iraqi scum trying to prove, that they are arseholes?!? well they proved they are perfectly well. do they think peoples lives are a game or something?, that they can chose who lives Cont...
11th March, 2008
Mtricket is right, it is real and the only crew that has done it. They did get off the plane only for the emerg crew to tell them they were standing in a mine field. They drove the truck into the field and the crew walked in the tire tracks
25th September, 2007
True flight, not a fake at all. This was the first (and only i Believe) where the pilots lost hydraulics and managed to land the plane successfully. amazing job! poor guys also landed the plane off the runway, in a mine field & walked away!
23rd July, 2007

Same with 232 heavy a DC 10 of United Airlines.I'm sure the families of the casualties would disagree
1st April, 2007

Funny how there is software that thakes over in these sort of cases.In lost hydrolics the only way to fly is by throttle.But the commercial block doesnt deem it warranted in their planes.Try telling this to the people on the jal 747 CONT>
1st April, 2007
i know that this is real because i saw it on t.v and it wasnt iraqi forces who fired the rocket it was iraqi terrorists
23rd March, 2007
By increasing jet engine power aircraft pitched up, by decreasing nose pitchet down. Thrust changes of left and right engine allowed to turn left or right. Aircraft was steered relying only on the jet engines.
21st March, 2007
This video is real. Iraqui terrorists fired missiles at freight aircraft while being interviewed by French journalists. Missile hit wing all hydraulc systems were lost aircraft could not be steered anymore! Pilots could only use jet engines
21st March, 2007

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28th February, 2007

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19th January, 2007

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13th January, 2007

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18th November, 2006
i don't think this video is real ,AT ALL
30th September, 2006
Josef Radetzky

I don't get it. I mean, the Iraqi army fired the rocket at the Iraqi plane or what? Was this some kind of experiment or what?
11th August, 2006