The glider clips a tree and nosedives into the ground

What happens in this video ?

The glider nosedived into the ground in Poland, near Żernica, after the pilot accidentally clipped a tree. Both the pilot and the passenger received non-life-threatening injuries.
The glider was a PZL-Bielsko. The accident occurred on April 30th 2018. The pilot was performing acrobatics on a glider not admitted to aerobatics due to the year of production of the glider (over 25 years). Also, the pilot performed acrobatics at a very low height (below the height of 1000 ft (300 m)). He tried to make a 180° turn to the landing pad at a too low altitude and speed when the wing clipped a tree.


I couldn't believe it since I first seen this. How did they survive after that direct impact??? that person at the controls must've been hurt at first, then turns out OK. I hope there's no serious injuries for both in the glider. I wouldn't call it luck, I call that "Miracle" for the two occupants.
14th October, 2022
Martin M
Bayville Ny

(United States)
LUCKY x2 to be alive...
19th September, 2020
Carl Hackert
Saratoga Springs, Ny

What was the glider pilot thinking? He had a straight ahead landing area (albeit probably downwind) but tried a turn at low altitude. Very poor planning, he had been performing aerobatics prior to the crash.
30th April, 2019