Helicopter rotor strike the hangar

What happens in this video ?

This stupid accident could have been dramatic. On August 5th 2004, during take-off, the main rotor of this Robinson R44 chopper contacted an open hangar door, causing the helicopter to fall. The violent impact with the ground caused the skids to collapse and the main rotor to sever the tail boom. Among the 4 people onboard, one received minor injuries, and 3 were uninjured.


What happen to the tail section? Tail rotor no more. That pilot must have been shaken. That kid's lucky to be alive, too! Look around and make sure the area's clear or not! Check for objects that will cause damage to the aircraft.
21st September, 2022

(United States)
Chesterfield, Missouri
21st June, 2020
One word DUMBASS
24th August, 2009
Some pilots are complete morons. The first thing you lear as a student pilot, either fixed wing or rotary, is check your area for obstructions. I hope the Insurance company pays for it, but I highly doubt it.
26th June, 2009
Carl Hackert
Saratoga Springs, Ny

Very lucky to be alive and virtually uninjured. This accident nearly qualified the inattentive pilot for the 2004 Darwin Awards - why not push the chopper away from the hangar door rather than attempting to fly it way from the obstruction?
27th September, 2008