Harrier suddenly descend: the pilot ejects

What happens in this video ?

The Harrier crashed during a demonstration at Lowestoft Seafront Air Festival. The aircraft suddenly started to descend and began to move forward. 4 or 5 seconds later, it crashed into the see. The pilot ejected successfully 20 meters above sea level. The accident was caused by the failure to select the nozzle control lever to the "Hover stop" following an inadvertent nozzle lever movement.


Dave T

I always thought this was from the Chicago Air & Water Show. The Lake Michigan beach in Chicago looks exactly like this -- same pilings and all. That's another thing this Website is so good at - correcting the record. Thanks!
24th December, 2015
Castle Hedingham

I was there playing hookey from work as it was a nice day. I was in the water and the closest individual to the Harrier as I particularly liked the feel of the roar of the engines and had swum out from the beach. I thought it a bit funny
12th July, 2007

I was..There i still like the airshow but not as much any more
26th April, 2007
Beryl Coleman

I wasn't there but I was told it was horrible
27th March, 2007

i was also ther, i was very affriad and decided never to go for airshow
28th January, 2007
Julian Deans

I was there to, first i thought a missile had gone off that the plane had fired, but no, it was the pilot ejecting, then crash. I was shocked afterwards, and dont enjoy airshow as i use to.
9th January, 2007
josh , family

i was at lowerstoft in 2001 when the plane crashed with my family on the beach we wa so frightend we didnt no what actualy happend
27th September, 2006

i was at the lowerstoft beach then in 2001
27th September, 2006