Bomb dropped by the F18 Hornet hit the A-4 Skyhawk which was flying next to him

What happens in this video ?

The bomb dropped by this F18 Hornet hit the A-4 Skyhawk which was flying next to the F18. The A-4 burst into flame after the impact. Fortunately, the pilot managed to eject from his fighter.


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8th June, 2022
Dante Figueroa

(United States)
Location: Chesapeake Bay Date: September 30, 1981
8th August, 2015
Ptc Ga

Vinney is correct. Mcdoug drop test of a MER with inert MK82..
6th April, 2011
Vinny is correct,it`s not a drop tank.
18th August, 2009

This is a test hop out of PAX river, but it's a jettison test of a BDU-45 (inert MK-82) on a bomb rack called a VER. The aerodynamics of the VER/BDU-45 combination caused it to fly up, left and aft rather than straight down.
15th August, 2008
Mark Sublette
Falls Church, Va

This was a weapons test out of NAS Patuxent River, Maryland, and the dropped object was a bomb with retarding fins which did NOT deploy as expected. The TA-4F photo plane was too close and got hit by the inert weapon.
14th August, 2008
Nas Lemoore

The object dropped was an empty external fuel tank. As you can see in the video the tank actually flew up when caught in the airstream. No bomb would be light enough to be affected like this.
5th August, 2008

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29th May, 2007

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26th March, 2007
It was an external fuel tank
24th November, 2006