September 11th attack - American Airlines flight 77 hits the Pentagon

What happens in this video ?

September 11th attacks in 2001 – Video taken by a security camera of the Pentagon and showing the crash of the American Airlines Boeing 757 on the Pentagon. All the 64 people onboard were killed as well as many others in the destroyed section of the Pentagon.
Click hereafter for details about the 4 hijacked aircraft during September 11th attacks.


Mr. Sprocket
Washington D.c.

(United States)
I witnessed the crash that day. I was driving by the Pentagon when I saw the plane come out of nowhere like a cruise missile. It skimmed over the road, clipped a few streetlights, and crashed into the Pentagon. 19 years later, I still can't believe I watched so many innocents die......
29th September, 2020

If this was a genuine crash why havent they released footage from the 80 or so other camera's pointing at the pentagon!
25th February, 2011

Plus, the trajectory is not correct. If a 757 was that low when it entered the frame, it would have hit the ground first and broken up before it hit the pentagon. It would have had to hit from a higher angle! Wake up everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!
9th November, 2010

This is NOT an aircraft. If you pause it on the frame before it hits the pentagon, the object in question is way too thin to be a 757. The diameter of a 757 fuselage would cover at least a floor of the pentagon, and this object did not.
9th November, 2010

That is blatantly NOT a civil aircraft hitting the Pentagon.
24th March, 2010
I find it hard to believe its a plane..
25th January, 2010
The purpose of the US Gov't and most other gov'ts is to lie. I've seen this video and wreckage photos many times and still don't see a 140 ton Boeing 757. Too many pilots said this manuever was impossible for the alleged hijacker to do.
21st August, 2009

Who has depts... In the WTC we see the shape of plane when impacted. In Pentagon NOT... I dont know what these people believed we are so stupid to believe its a boeing with wings, engine, tail...
3rd June, 2009

How many rush hour NON-STOPS to Calif, do you Lug heads think left the east coast without even 100 paying passengers on board ? One flight had 38 passengers on board ! ad all the flights together and guess what Noids = 227 = 1 loaded 757 !
24th February, 2009
Capt. Kirk

(The Third Dimension)
Oh it was a conspiricy alright....I blame Klingons the inhabitants of planet "Dingle Berry"...oh?.. they hang around Uranus. Their the ones that made the "Moon landing hoax" too.
15th September, 2008

The "plane" that hit the pentagon was not a plane, it was the U.S. govenment stage show to justify military spending. But don't worry, you will all soon forget.
5th September, 2008

That was a commercial jet? Yeah right.
30th August, 2008

this american airlines boeing 757-200 smashed into the pentagon in washinton when it was being hijacked by 5 terrorists including the pilot hijacker hani hanjour.all 58 passengers including the 5 hijackers and 6 crew member died.
18th August, 2008

These planes are made of an aluminum alloy that is very strong, it's not pure aluminum. F=ma where the de- acceleration (a) is huge and therefore the forces are huge. Study some physics once in awhile, instead of so much conspiracy crap.
15th August, 2008

You people are dumb. I've seen the crime scene photos as taken by Arlington pd. There was plenty of debris. Just because the video isn't all that great doesn't mean a missle hit the Pentagon. The govt doesnt need excuses to attack people.
11th August, 2008
but it wasn't a jumbo. anyway, the wings are pointing towards you... all you would see is a long, thin 'missile like' shape.
4th July, 2008

something comes perfectly horional. and looks like nothing like a jumbo jet it was supposed to be. see youtube and eyewitness rick renzi .. he shows a trajectory w nothing common w this vid. and he claims seeing the hit!
17th June, 2008

oh, my god. how can you say it wasn't a plane? what about the eyewhitneses? WHAT ABOUT THE 60 ODD PEOPLE ON THE PLANE WHO DIED???!!!
21st May, 2008

This is obviously fake. No airplane hit the pentagon. Damn americans... they try to sell that image to the world when it's nothing but lies, lies and lies.
28th March, 2008

frame before it hits it clearly casts a large shadow.if you look with a magnifying glass you can see the tail section.nearby homeowners reported a large aircraft just clearing the rooftops. at 500mph the steel of the plane liquifies.
13th February, 2008
there are some dumb ass people of this site - also you can not spell.
15th January, 2008

its a missel,not an airplane ,illuminati how cold blooded can be evil devil>
9th January, 2008
Long Beach

come on illuminatis ,you can do better than this super fake video,were not all idiots along with alex jones, we know what your up to, more control,more terrorist fake laws.
9th January, 2008
This is a phony crash- a plane going that fast would have spread debree flying over a large area but in this footage you couldn't see any debree at all not even in the area surronding the crash site.
24th December, 2007

You can't see anything hit the building, hardly. Very strange. I saw a programme on tv about this incident and there was a lot of controversy surrounding it...........
8th October, 2007
Los Angeles

this was all planned out by the gov.if it really was an airplane than why didn't it hit it at an angle. And also where is the plane debri. I FUCKEN HATE THIS GOVERNMENT.
8th October, 2007