Two planes collided in mid-air and crashed at Saskatchewan Air Show, Canada, in 2005

What happens in this video ?

On July 10th 2005, three planes (a Waco UPF-7, a Wolf-Samson and a Pitts) were engaged in a simulated dogfighting display at Moose Jaw / Air Vice Marshal C.M. McEwen Airport as part of the Saskatchewan Air Show (a ground display featuring a jet-powered truck called Shockwave was part of the act).
During the execution of a series of crossing , the Waco and the Wolf-Samson collided near show centre. Both biplanes caught fire and crashed. Both pilots were killed at impact, and both aircraft were destroyed. All debris fell away from the crowd.


Mosse Jaw

it was not i nice thing to see. i was there when it happind and thay where soo good!
7th September, 2009

they were the best! RIP
25th August, 2008

Jimmy Franklin and Bobby Younkin were the gutsiest and best aerobatic performers I had ever seen perform. Even though I knew they'd probably kill each other some day, it was still fun to see them perform.
18th July, 2007