Schweizer 300 unexpectedly crashed during a wingover

What happens in this video ?

This Schweizer 300 crashed during an air show. Stunt pilot was performing a practice maneuver called a wingover. The helicopter looped and then unexpectedly crashed.


oscar rik
Sao Paulo

This Pilot is an Great Pilot, Is very rare to see one Pilot with alot knowledge, he did make this same maneuveur in more of 1000 flygts before this day, my special congratulatios for this man, ¨HE IS THE GAY¨ since 1960 these maneuvers acrobatcs did be in pratics in Factory Hughes Tool Company in Culver City, California, USA. Note; in this day of crash I think that the temperature encreased muchs degress in a few minutes one wave hot and the pilot not attempt for it, sorry if my observation about it not to be the correct fact. I would like to much to know this Commandant.
28th November, 2020

Disaster On The Job 2
25th November, 2012
Escondido, Ca

This Video Is At Fairfield, Utah!
3rd July, 2011

This helicopter has ben crashed by john cena. He has taken money to blast the plane.
14th May, 2011

(In The Us)
"911, 911?, what 911!, 911,911,911! funny.
17th January, 2010
He was only slightly injured per NTSB Identification: LAX08CA178
17th August, 2009
Carl Hackert
Saratoga Springs, Ny

Why would a sane person try to perform aerobatics in this type of a chopper & so low to the ground? When pilots do this type of thing, the aviation industry and every pilot's reputation suffers. Hope that no one died or was seriously hurt.
17th June, 2009