The Sea Hawk roll over while parked on a boat in a rough sea

What happens in this video ?

The scene happened on a military cruiser. While the crew is trying to pull the Seahawk into the hangar, high winds tip it. The helicopter is finally rolled over on its side.


Salt Lake City

Wow I remember this when it happened, out of Mayport. Helo wasn't tied down yet in rough weather and the rast didn't hold it. Still bad decisions were made....
25th April, 2011
It was not chained down because it is being straightened for movement into the hangar.Standard procedure. Probe that is trapped to the deck is supposed to prevent rolling. Can't tell here if this was error in procedure or mechanical failure
1st June, 2010
First the pilot should have retreated from the flight deck when the helicopter started to loean to one side. Second, Why the hell was this chopper not TIED DOWN? This is a perfect example of your tax dollars en action or inaction.
26th June, 2009
HAHAHAHAH Oh wow that made my day. The guy trying to push it back over.
25th November, 2008
allan singer
Wheatland Mo

(United States)
someone should hang for this stupid act the helo should have been chained down to the deck as soon as it landed and this would have never happened what a waste of a great airplane
28th July, 2008

1st May, 2008