Singapore Airlines Boeing 747 crash during takeoff in a typhon

What happens in this video ?

On October 31st, 2000, this Boeing 747-400 operated by Singapore Airlines crashed on Chiang Kai-Shek International Airport (CKS Airport), Tao-Yuan, Taiwan, Republic of China. The plane attempted to take off on a partially close runway. Heavy rain and strong winds from typhoon “Xangsane” prevailed at the time of the accident. 83 out of the 179 people onboard were killed. This video shot by a passenger of a nearby airplane shows the Boeing 747 on fire just after the crash.
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Singaporian Boy

Singapore Airlines crashed by Blinding Typhoons. All the Singaporians are crying for their lives. I am from Singapore i stayed in Sydney for Holidays. Biman Bangladesh Airlines have destroyed for Purpose in Sylhet,Bangladesh.(singapore)
14th April, 2007