Two planes collided in mid-air and crashed at Kissimmee Air Show, USA, in 1998

What happens in this video ?

April 1998 - Four antique biplanes of the Red Baron Flying Group were nearing the end of their performance at Kissimmee Air Show of the Stars in Florida when two of them crashed into each other 1,500 feet above the ground. The two pilots of the single-engine Stearman aircraft were killed.


Great Loss
Happened 4/19/98 on a Sunday. Schwan's Retired the Team 12/2007 You won't hear their engines or see their beauty anymore. Randy Drake & Sonny Lovelace - Two Great Men Gone - Doing what they loved.
8th October, 2008

I can't remember the exact date, but within a month of this crash I went up with the pilot who died and he gave me a ride along, what a nice guy, very sad. I was shocked when I heard this.
29th May, 2008
Scott Frank
Saint Cloud

I was a Police Officer working at the air show and took the initial report and stayed at the scene until NTSB arrived late in the evening. My prayers are with the families.
4th January, 2008
forgot to mention. that was their last formation of the day and they were headed to tampa after that to do another show...what a shame.
30th August, 2007
i was there when it happened..i was 10 years old at the time
30th August, 2007