Right wing stalls during very low speed landing

What happens in this video ?

The Just Superstol aircraft approaches at a very low speed, trying to land on a minimum distance. But the speed is too low, and the right wing stalls. The plane crashed on the runway. Lucky pilot walks away. This happened in Australia in 2015.



That’s a pretty strong plane for it’s size, because an impact like that could have had worse results with a smaller or even bigger plane, but this plane held up like a boss, the only thing that separated was the gear. Wow. Lucky day for the pilot/plane.
6th January, 2021
Carl Hackert
Saratoga Springs, Ny

The background noise and the flightpath seems to indicate a headwind with some wind gusts that may have contributed to the aircraft's momentary pitch ups prior to the stall/right spin, similar to flaring too high above a runway surface.
11th November, 2020