The water bomber crew pulls too many G causing the wings breaks apart

What happens in this video ?

This Hercules C130 went down on June 17th (2002) while it was dropping fire retardant material on a 10,000 acre forest fire near Walker, California. The wings suddenly snapped off and the aircraft crashed near a commercial area. All the 3 crew members were killed.
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The cause of this disaster was metal fatigue. It was an old aircraft which had not been maintained properly over the years. Imagine an aircraft loaded to its maximum operating weight having to endure steep diving and sudden ascendancy over and over again. I can tell you the stresses experienced on the fuselage, particularly the wing section, would have been enormous. Without proper maintenance, the aircraft was a time bomb waiting to go off. The unfortunate crew members were casualties of a disaster which could have been avoided. May their souls rest in peace.
26th October, 2022
(Alabama, U.s)
It was rumored that this aircraft was used by the CIA earlier in its career. So the service and maintanence history was incomplete.
23rd May, 2011

I can't say anything specific about the crash, but I have seen how people ( often professionals ) get overzealous and act unsafely during emergency situations -- like our current flood. Stay calm, do your job, stay alive.
3rd April, 2009

I remember seeing this on channel 13 news after it happened. From what I could see, the aircraft was on fire in the wing (probably due to a fuel leak) and burned through the wings spar (because of high heat) and it went down. 3 people dead.
15th January, 2009

What a joke - I saw the original footage which is 50% more than what you see ( nice edit job - who is the ass )- he came in to steep and pulled up while dumping his load which was gone in a matter of seconds, that caused a snap back effect
5th May, 2008

I have seen this on youtube many times and iv been wondering what the hell went wrong?? How is this possible? Both wings just fall off... The wing attachments are supposed to be the strongest parts of an aircraft.
17th July, 2007
I would have to say this accident could of been avoided the main spar would have had obvious signs of fatigue prior dispatch
3rd March, 2007