United Airline DC-10 crash at Sioux City airport further to total loss of hydraulic power

What happens in this video ?

On July 19, 1989, this United airline DC-10 crashed at Sioux City airport (Iowa, USA).
The cause of the accident is that the fan disk of its tail-mounted engine, weakened by fatigue cracks, fragmented catastrophically, and the engine assembly failed to contain the debris which severed all three of the airplane's hydraulic systems. It had left all control surfaces on the airplane immovable. The only way to control the plane was by adjusting the thrust on the two remaining wing-mounted engines.
During the emergency landing, the right wing dropped and the nose pitched forward. The tip of the right wing contacted the runway first and the aircraft skidded to the right, ignited and somersaulted. 184 passengers survived, 112 passengers died.


This crash happened almost thirty years ago and it still makes us remember that day.
18th March, 2024
To me it looked like the bottom of the plane hit the ground and caught fire while the front detached partially and flipped upwards, slightly listing and then flipping and rolling in a fiery ball of wreckage with a plume of smoke.
24th November, 2020
Let me just say even though ya’ll are sayin’ it’s a miracle that many people survived that’s a pretty darn big amount of deaths....more like a lot. R.I.P.
23rd November, 2020
(Alabama, U.s)
It was Children's Day at United Airlines when this crash happened and those children acounted for the majority of the fatalities. The airline was later sued for negligence in not providing proper safety equipment for the children on board. The infants were simply placed on the floor as the aircraft came down. In a telivision interview years after the crash, one stewardess lamented that by telling their parents to do that, she was condemning the children to certain death.
16th May, 2011

I just learned today that a dear friend of mine from high school died in this crash, I am heartbroken, I loved you Andrea, God Bless.
2nd March, 2010
Monte Miller
Overland Park, Ks

My father knew the captain of that flight. My father was captain for TWA for 37 years and said that captain(and co-pilot) did a miraculous job just getting it to the runway.
12th February, 2010
da hawk
it didnt roll it did a freakin cartwheel
26th August, 2009

So many people escaped from this crash.They are really lucky people.
4th January, 2009

that fan disc blew because there was a flaw the size of a grain of sand that finally cracked.That engine was not supposed to be used as x-rays showed the flaw but somehow it was used instead of being returned.
28th July, 2008

if you read the description of the movie, it is mistaken.... the aircraft did not somersault, but simply rolled.
21st May, 2008

its really a horrible from rattan
18th January, 2008

The Pilot Alfred Haynes let Denny Be The Pilot. Denny was A Great Pilot and Passenger. Bismillah. 184 Passengers had been Escaped from the Damage. 112 Passengers are Left to Die.
13th April, 2007

US Airlines have crash Sioux City,Iowa,USA. Theres something Wrong with the Planes Engines and Tail. USA Attendant Jan-Brown Lohr is making Babies in The Floor to keep babies fine,finally the babies cried. 184 passengers survived 112died
13th April, 2007