September 11th attack - American Airlines Flight 11 strikes the North tower

What happens in this video ?

September 11th attacks in 2001 – Video of the first aircraft hijacked (a Boeing 767 from American Airline) that crashed into the World Trade Center (WTC) in New York. All the 92 people onboard were killed as well as many others in the targeted tower.
Click hereafter for details about the 4 hijacked aircraft during September 11th attacks.



wie konnte das nur passieren das bei america ein therroristenanschlag kommt
4th February, 2011

I knew someone on that flight...I think you posting this is really fucked, Get some brains
8th November, 2008
9-11 survivor
New York

Frank, you are an ignorant idiot! The first plane crushed right before my eyes as I was entering the building. you with your stupid scientific thinking, you moron! And don't call me when islamic fascists come for you, I won't pickup.
17th September, 2008
Kevin S Morrow

Those Iraqi terroists are going to get their arses kicked by the American's and the British. Even we might Nuke them all and see how they like it!!
22nd May, 2008

I agree. a plane travelling at that speed, with that much fuel will cut through prety much anything. a fighter jet going at 150 mph can cut right through a big apartmet block, so think what a huge airliner going at 3 times that spped can do
21st May, 2008
Yah they will cut through a building, steel, concrete and all when they are traveling at 500 miles an hour. This isn't a little chunk of aluminum, it is a 400,000 lb chunk of aluminum and about 20,000 lbs of it is jet fuel. Think about it.
25th September, 2007
Object in the video is indiscernible. Whatever it is I doubt it is a Boeing 767 because like I stated earlier aluminum planes don't cut through steel columns, concrete floors with steel supports and strong steel building cores.
13th July, 2007
Tea Master

American Airlines crashed in New York City,New York,USA. 92 Passengers are left to die in the New York City in the Top of the City People are Killed. In 11/9/01 Boeing 767 American Airlines crashed in the New York City Making people Dead..
13th April, 2007