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Aeropanamericano Beechcraft 1900C plane crash
Miami, Florida, USA

Aeropanamericano Beechcraft 1900C plane crash - Miami, Florida, USA

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Miami, FL, USAThe Beechcraft 1900C operated by Aeropanamericano took off from rom Miami Executive Airport, Florida, USA, for a ferry flight to Providenciales International Airport, Turks and Caicos Islands. Two crewmembers and two passengers were onboard. The plane was destroyed during collision with terrain, following a loss of engine thrust during initial climb. The two foreign certificated pilots and two passengers were fatally injured.

The airplane had undergone routine maintenance in Miami and was returning to Venezuela. The twenty-one-seat airplane was powered by two 1,100 horsepower turboprop engines, equipped with four-blade. Review of maintenance records revealed that the left engine propeller had been due for overhaul. It was removed and replaced with an overhauled propeller prior to the accident flight and the accident flight was the first flight after the overhauled propeller was installed on the left engine.

Review of radar and communication data from the Federal Aviation Administration revealed that the flight was cleared for takeoff at 1436:45. At 1438:15, one of the pilots reported an "engine failure" to air traffic control. The controller asked the pilot if he would like to return to the airport and the pilot replied affirmative. The controller then offered a 180-degree turn to runway 9R and the pilot requested a left traffic pattern to runway 27L, which the controller approved; however, the airplane subsequently impacted a utility pole and terrain about 2 miles west of the runway. A postcrash fire consumed a majority of the cockpit and cabin.

Witnesses observed the airplane flying low, with the left wing down and the left propeller turning slower than the right propeller, before the airplane impacted the utility pole.

The airplane came to rest upright in a field against several trees. The beginning of a debris path was observed near a severed utility pole where scrape marks across the adjacent road were consistent with left wingtip contact. Additionally, sections of left propeller blades were located near the utility pole and along the debris path, consistent with the left propeller impacting the utility pole as the left wingtip was scraping the ground. The debris path extended about 240 feet, on a magnetic heading of 240 degrees, to the main wreckage.

Aircraft similar to the one which crashed (Beechcraft 1900C)
Aircraft similar to the one which crashed (Beechcraft 1900C)
Miami, FL, USA
Miami, FL, USA (Red dot on map)

Photos of the Aeropanamericano Beechcraft 1900C crash