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Cameroon Airlines Boeing 747-2H7B plane crash
Paris, France

Cameroon Airlines Boeing 747-2H7B plane crash - Paris, France

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Paris, FranceThe aircraft overran runway 09R while landing in wet weather conditions at Paris' Charles de Gaulle Airport, coming to rest in the mud. Due to the severe damage incurred in the accident, the aircraft was written off. People onboard escaped serious injuries.

The initial cause of the accident was the incomplete reduction of thrust on the left outer engine at the beginning of deceleration. This caused the de-activation of the automatic braking system and the non-extension of the nr.1 thrust reverser. The inadvertent selection of full thrust on this engine after the landing created a high thrust asymmetry leading to the runway excursion.

The lack of co-ordination and of joint control by the crew members, perhaps aggravated by the presence of third parties in the cockpit, contributed to the development of this situation

Paris, France
Paris, France (Red dot on map)

Photos of the Cameroon Airlines Boeing 747 crash