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South East Airlines Tupolev TU-154M plane crash
Moscow, Russia

South East Airlines Tupolev TU-154M plane crash - Moscow, Russia

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Moscow, RussiaThe Tupolev TU-154M operated by South East Airlines (formerly known as Daghestan Airlines) took off from Moscow, Russia, for a passenger flight to Makhachkala, Russia. 163 passengers and 9 crew were onboard. The plane crashed 30 minutes after takeoff, while trying to make an emergency landing. 2 passengers were killed, 19 people received serious and 37 people received minor injuries.

The airplane departed from Moscow's Vnukovo Airport with 19.5 tons of fuel on board. The aircraft became airborne at 14:08L (i.e local time), at 14:16L at a height of 6500 meters (21000 ft) the flight data recorder recorded first fluctuations in fuel supply to all three engines, at an altitude of about 9000 meters (29500 ft) engines #1 and #3 (left and right engines) failed. The crew reported the loss of two engines together with navigation equipment, and requested to divert to Moscow Domodedovo about 80 km (43 NM) from their present position. Engine #2 (central engine) became unstable as well but was recovered and continued to run until after landing at 14:36L.

The airplane glided to a hard landing on Domodedovo's runway 32R in freezing rain about 30 minutes after departure, went off the runway and impacted a small earthen mound. The plane split in three parts, but no fire erupted.

The fuel at Vnukovo was analysed and was found in compliance with all required fuel quality standards. Other aircraft having been fueled from the same supplies have reached their destinations safely.

Shortly after the crash, passengers started surfacing from the smoldering wreck as firefighters and medics arrived at the scene.

Aircraft similar to the one which crashed (Tupolev TU-154M)
Aircraft similar to the one which crashed (Tupolev TU-154M)
Moscow, Russia
Moscow, Russia (Red dot on map)

Photos of the South East Airlines Tupolev 154M crash