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Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-3T5 plane crash
Burbank, California, USA

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-3T5 plane crash - Burbank, California, USA

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Burbank, California, USAThe plane was on a passenger flight from Las Vegas, NV to Burbank, CA. Arriving in Burbank, the crew was told to expect the visual approach to runway 08. Approximately 10 NM from the field, while descending to 3000 feet, the crew was instructed to maintain 230 knots until further advised. One minute later, the crew was cleared for the visual approach to runway 08, with an instruction to maintain 3,000 feet until passing the Van Nuys VOR (approx 6 NM from the runway).

But the flight crew passed the VOR and failed to start their descent from 3000 feet. 3.9 NM from the runway threshold, at an airspeed of 230 knots and an altitude of 3000 feet, the crew began their descent to land. Due to the steep nature of the descent (nearly 7°, instead of the standard 3°), the crew received two "sink rate" warnings at approximately 400 ft AGL (Above Ground Level), and a "pull up" warning at 190 ft AGL. The aircraft touched down 2800 ft down the 6032 ft runway with a groundspeed of 181 knots.

Despite using max reverse thrust, spoilers, and brakes, the crew was unable to stop the aircraft before the end of the runway. The plane broke through a blast fence at approximately 40 knots, skidded across Hollywood Way, and came to rest 38 ft from a gasoline station. The aircraft was evacuated via the escape slides. There is no fatality among the 142 people onboard.

Burbank, California, USA
Burbank, California, USA (Red dot on map)

Photos of the Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 crash