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Trans Arabian Air Transport Boeing 707-351C plane crash
Mwanza, Tanzania

Trans Arabian Air Transport Boeing 707-351C plane crash - Mwanza, Tanzania

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Mwanza, TanzaniaThe aircraft was departed Khartoum for a flight to Mwanza, Tanzania, where it was supposed to pick up a cargo of 38 tonnes of fish fillet for delivery in Europe. Approaching Mwanza, the crew contacted Mwanza tower and were being advised that there was no power at the airport and that efforts were being made to use a standby generator. Further information passed on the crew reportedly included VOR, DME and NDB beacons all unserviceable, weather: wind calm, 8km visibility, temperature 25deg C and QNH 1015. After holding for 10 minutes, the airport generator came on and the runway lights went on. The first officer, who was pilot flying, started a visual approach on runway 12. When well established on finals with full landing configuration, the captain told the f/o that he was too low, and a few seconds later he told the f/o he was too high. Both the captain and the flight engineer then told the f/o to go around. The f/o overshot and climbed to 5500 feet on the downwind leg. Turning on the left base the captain remarked that the turn was too tight. The captain thus took over control and started a right turn at 4400 feet. Just before completing the turn, the f/o said: "do not go down anymore, the altimeter is reading 4100 feet". Almost aligned with the runway, the f/o took over control again. During landing the aircraft bounced 2 or 3 times yawing to the left and came down to a halt in the middle of the lake.

Mwanza, Tanzania
Mwanza, Tanzania (Red dot on map)

Photos of the Trans Arabian Air Transport Boeing 707 freighter crash