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Sibir Airlines Tupolev TU-154M plane is shot down
Off Sochi, Russia

Sibir Airlines Tupolev TU-154M plane crash - Off Sochi, Russia

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Off Sochi, RussiaThe aircraft exploded over the Black Sea while on a passenger flight from Tel Aviv, Israel to Novosibirsk, Russia via Bugas, Bulgaria. The pilot of a nearby aircraft reported seeing the aircraft explode at 33,000 feet, fall into the Black Sea, and explode again on impact.

Investigation has concluded that the missile was fired during Russian-Ukrainian exercise held off Cape Onouk in Crimea. The Ukrainian S-200 surface to air missile had passed its remote-controlled target, which had been successfully destroyed by another missile fired at the same time. Instead of self-destruct, the S-200 missile targeted the Tupolev TU-154 which was nearly 200 kilometers away. It exploded 15 meters above the plane, throwing shrapnel into the plane.

Since year 2000, 7 commercial or transport planes have been voluntary or mistakenly shot by missiles. Watch here the list of those airplanes shot by missiles since year 2000.

Aircraft similar to the one which crashed (Tupolev TU-154M)
Aircraft similar to the one which crashed (Tupolev TU-154M)